We have 600 cameras in stock! - Widest Range in Australia

Yes that's right, we have 600!! cameras in stock for you to choose from! 

Oh whoops, I mean POLAROID 600 cameras! 

We have a huge choice of the favourite polaroid point & shoot classic!

A plastic bodied, plastic lensed, perfect party camera! Most 600's have a single element plastic lens, on board flash and exposure adjustment!

I'll run you by all the choices we have available here in the shop!

Polaroid One Step Autofocus
Made around 1997 this has the rounded edges and uses an autofocus lens, rather than a fixed focus or using a close up lens. It is considered somewhat rare and usually found in a black colour. Although ours are blue/green! It features a flash for low light, but this camera uses the flash ALWAYS. So even in bright sunlight it'll still go off. Not the greatest thing, but still a fun camera! 

The Specs are as follows: 

  • Lens: 116mm, f/11, Single-element plastic.
  • Autofocus (simple 2-zone detection, not Sonar, sharpest at 4-5 feet.)
  • Shutter: electronic; automatic speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
  • Integral auto flash that works in low light, but cannot be forced off
  • Polaroid's Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider).

    Polaroid onestep close up
    Another rounded camera, except this one uses a plastic close up lens. It features your standard plastic lens, but with the switch of a slider, it covers the lens with a plastic 'close up' lens. Which for the most part is pretty much useless. It is a quick and easy party camera, and makes taking photos a cinch! 
    A similar model is the OneStep Flash with a red stripe. Basically the exact same thing, just with a square black body and red stripe.


    Polaroid Sun600 LMS
    A nicer looking square silver camera, it is about as basic as you can get for a cheap polaroid. With all the things you really need, it makes taking photos almost too easy. Flash, fixed focus, an exposure dial and ummm.....that's literally about it! It looks cool and it takes polaroids! 

    Polaroid sun660 Autofocus

    First released in 1981, it is a bit like the camera above, but uses sonar technology as an autofocus system! By firing high frequency sounds and receiving the echo, it adjusts the lens to give you perfect focus everytime! Because it uses sound waves, it can be used in the pitch black or dark shooting conditions! The Sun 660 features a plastic 116mm, f/11 plastic lens, electronic shutter, built-in flash and an exposure dial. It looks pretty slick in it's all black plastic casing, and is sure to turn heads wherever used! 

    Polaroid 640
    This thing is pretty much exactly the same as the Sun600 LMS, just in a black plastic body, doesn't say LMS on the front and the flash LED is inside the viewfinder instead of on the body. But it does have a small rainbow, which looks pretty cool!

    Polaroid Spirit 

    This is one of the 600 cameras that doesn't have an on-board flash, and instead has to use old school flash bars. It has a black colour body with the famous rainbow stripe and the exposure dial. It works great in the daytime, but if you wanna use it at night or at a party, you'll keep having to buy 600 flashbars to use on the thing! And because they are usually pretty old, there is the slight chance a flash might not even fire! It does have an awesome looking rainbow stripe on the body though! 

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