See Melb Fringe's Uncommon Places & win a Polaroid camera

Polaroid Walk is 26th - 28th of Sept 2014
Daily @ 2pm


Photo submission 

from 26th of Sept - 12th of Oct 2014

Open to Like until the
20th of Oct 2014


go to the actual event page here :


It's a privilege to be a part Melbourne Fringe festival this year, supporting emerging and developing fringe artists in all shape or forms is something we are very proud of.

as an Fringe artist Claudia Escobar's interviewee puts it:

"The fringe model is somehow like the dark matter that is necessary to balance the carefully orchestrated presentation of any arts FESTIVAL. -dark matter- negatively charged particles – revoke osmosis etc."

Polaroid is like the dark matter if you like, that bringing basics of composition, lighting, subject matter back in the forefront of a photo taker's mind. As it's only one shot.

Forcing the photo taker to take the extra time to learn about their camera, learn about iso, the aperture and shutter speed in order to produce the perfect shot for the perfect moment.

Let's take document the perfect moment for Melbourne Fringe Uncommon Places, take a Polaroid picture that is loosely related to one of the 10 uncommon places ( we will be providing free films and polaroid to use during the tours) or take an iPhone snap and print the Polaroid photo at the Common Room with the Impossible Lab.

Then, submit the Polaroid photo to this event, and share it with your friends and family. The Polaroid Photos that get the most LIKEs will win this Polaroid Sun 600 LMS camera and 2 packs of films, sponsored by FilmNeverDie.

till then Keep Shooting!

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