FilmNeverDie NYE Polaroid Pub Crawl!

Do you like polaroids and pints? Preferably at the same time!

Well presenting!

FND NYE Polaroid Pub Crawl!

On Wednesday the 31st of December we shall meet at the shop (367 Mile Lane, Parkville) at 7:00pm for a few drinks while we meet & greet each other! Also a great chance to stock up on film before we make the most of the night!

From then on we shall go to Sydney Road to the Retreat Hotel - one of my favourite pubs!

We'll continue walking along Sydney road heading to the city along royal parade and Elizabeth st, until we reach Flinders St Station, stopping at each pub along the way!

Here's the catch though - One pint & One polaroid per shooter!
If you're shooting on 35mm/120 film take as many as you like! (I don't think we will be hitting up 36 pubs......unfortunately!)

I am guessing that by the time we reach the city we'll have enough time to find a nice location to try get some photos of the fireworks! Feel free to bring a tripod, but that things gonna get heavy after walking for a while!

Because there will be a lot of people in the city, safety is a priority!
Be mindful of your equipment, fellow pub crawlers & other people! If you feel you've hit your drinking limit.....time for shots!
I'm joking, but feel free to slow down or have some water!
The photos are still a must though!

If you're planning on heading off early, let someone in the group know! I don't wanna get worried that something has gone wrong if someone suddenly disappears!

This will be hosted by me, Sebastian!

So contact me via:
Facebook - Sebastian Young
or call/text me +61490 365 745

To let me know if you're planning on coming!
I don't wanna be by myself in the shop with a long neck VB with nothing to do! :D

This is the order of pubs:

FND Shop
Retreat Hotel
Brunswick Club
The Snug Irish House
Bridie O Reilleys
Naughtons Parkville Hotel
Turf Club Bar
The Last Jar
The Public Bar
The Loading Dock Bar
The Workshop Bar
Flinders Station Hotel

I might have forgotten one or two, but I'm sure we'll sniff them all out along the way!

I hope you're excited!

See you soon!

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