"Panzer" - with Zeiss 105mm, f4.5 Novar-Anastigmat lens

"Panzer" - converted Polaroid 320 Automatic, with Zeiss 105mm, f4.5 Novar-Anastigmat lens and manual Prontor-S shutter. Want a German optics and instant film combo?

Based on a standard Polaroid 320 Automatic Land Camera, this camera has been extensively modified to be able to shoot at professional standards. The original f8.8 lens and automatic shutter have been replaced with a German made, 1950's Zeiss Novar-Anastigmat 105mm, f4.5, coated glass lens, mounted in a Prontor-S size 0 shutter.

The shutter features full X-sync for flash, cable release socket and bulb mode, making it perfect for shooting in all scenarios. The mechanical nature of the shutter also means that the camera no longer requires batteries to work!

The new 105mm lens is not only faster than the original lens, but also much sharper. It features a beautifully shallow depth of field when wide open, with lovely bokeh. Coverage is 100% full frame, with no noticeable vignetting. This makes the camera the perfect choice for anyone wanting manual control over their shots, on a totally unique camera.


- Zeiss Novar Anastigmat, 105mm f4.5 coated glass lens

- Prontor-S shutter, with bulb mode, cable release and X-sync for flash, range from 1/250th to 1 second and bulb mode -

Aperture range from f4.5 to above f32

- Cable release socket

- twin window rangefinder/viewfinder with projected framelines and automatic parallax compensation rangefinder/viewfinder

- Folding bellows design

- Neck strap - Built in electronic countdown timer on the rear door, to time how long your picture has until it has developed!

- Custom black leather front panel - Compatible with ALL Type 100 films, such as Fuji FP-100C and FP-3000B, as well as expired Polaroid brand films.

The 105mm Zeiss lens been re-calibrated and mounted to focus as optimal as possible with the original 114mm rangefinder, with any drift occuring towards infinity side, where a stopped down aperture would usually be used anyway (nobody tends to shoot a landscape picture wide open).

Close distance is 100% tack sharp even when wide open. Lastly, the camera has been finished cosmetically with a genuine black leather front panel. Everything on this camera has been hand restored by yours truly, The Instant Camera Guy. The bellows are clean, and free of leaks, the new lens has been mounted and calibrated, the viewfinder has been taken apart and cleaned from the inside out, and the rollers meticulously cleaned.

It's 100% ready to use! If you want to take some unique shots, this camera is for you! Get it here.

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