FujiChrome Velvia 50 120mm Film

When Fujifilm's Velvia RVP was released in 1990 it quickly became a classic. This slide film was colour-balanced for daylight. It was fine grained, produced high quality shots, and had intense colour saturation. It gave its major competitor, Kodachrome, a serious run for it's money; Kodachrome had until that point in time been the benchmark against which other films were compared, and the remarkable Velvia RVP knocked it from the top spot. 



Velvia was discontinued in 2005 as some of the elements needed for its manufacture were becoming obsolete and difficult to get hold of as a result. Public outcry brought it back, with Fuji modernizing the film's outdated parts and reintroducing it to the world in 2008 as the Velvia 50. 

And we're glad it did come back. The Velvia 50's sharpness and precision, matched with its warm tones, make it the perfect medium for landscape and nature shots as it superb at picking up fine detail. Its rich, vibrant colour palette makes it a brilliant choice for slide shooting - you haven't experienced the Velvia 50's full potential until you've seen it through a projector! 



Our verdict? If you're serious about photography, you should try this out at least once. The warmth, vibrance and vivid detail will not disappoint.

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If you have not seen it through a projector before, request to see it in our shop at Parkville, next time you are here.

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