2023 Price Increase

Since our inception in 2011, FND has believed in offering only high resolution scans at an affordable rate - prices that have rivalled other labs low-resolution options for many years. However due to the increase in overheads in all areas of lab life, we do need to raise our prices to meet this inflation, but hope we can still provide a competitive option to our customers in the market, while being able to make enough to provide the quality output we've worked hard to create.

As of Monday 21.08.23 our C-41 develop and scan will rise to $20 per roll from $17. We have decided that there will be no differentiation in cost between 120 and 35mm developing moving forward.

C-41 dev-only will also rise to $12 per roll from $10.

Lastly a very welcome price change is ECN-2 will decrease in price from $39 to $35 per roll dev + scan as we bring the service in-house. All other service prices will remain the same.

We appreciate your understanding!

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