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May 15, 2015

Over 600 people saw the exhibition, next ...













Over 600 people have been through our exhibition, plus the show was mentioned in mX!

Now that we have taken down the art work (with mixed feelings) I just want to update everyone on how it all went and what is next.


  • Over 600 people visited the exhibition
  • 1 x A2 print sold and 2 x original Polaroids were sold
  • Front page mention on the mX paper
  • Various blog mentions covering their experience at the exhibition
  • Received an invitation to do more exhibitions in the near future

So what are people saying:

  • Love how the Polaroids were exhibited - Original image together with the blown up detail of the A2 print
  • Love the grey wall in the exhibition, shows off the art work better
  • Surprised with the image and the blown up quality of the prints (Thanks to our master printer Michael and Daniel Silver from PhotonetGallery.com.au)

All in all, it's really an even spread of votes for visitors' favourite artworks! Whenever I was at the gallery I asked each visitor to pick their top 5 images; I must say every piece has been in the top 5, so congratulations to all our artists!

Artworks are available to purchase through our website and in our Parkville store. Check them out here: http://filmneverdie.com.au/collections/polaroid-resurrection-artwork.

We invite you to join us on our journey - the exhibition is travelling to Malaysia, then to Ballarat for the International Foto Biennale, and onto the Melbourne Fringe Festival!  Thanks to everyone, artists and visitors, who participated in Polaroid Resurrection - A FilmNeverDie first!


Some photos of our artists and their work:

Marc and his work - our youngest artist - 17.

Kirsten and her artwork - flew in all the way from Queensland!

Photonet Gallery art space and the photo wall.

Michael, Wei Wei and Eric enjoying the show.


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