Filmneverdie Shooters - An interview with Steele Mcwilliams

So Steele, where do you come from & what do you do for a living?

I come from Frankston, at the moment I'm studying a Diploma of Photo Imaging but mainly work retail to make ends meet.

How old are you?

I'm 19 years old.

How did you become inspired to shoot on film?

I actually started on film when I first started taking photos but even after buying a digital camera, I've still continued to use film because it slows my process down and I like how hands I can be with the whole process.

What format do you shoot? 35mm, Polaroid, 8 x 10 etc

My main format is 35mm but I sometimes indulge in 120 when I can be bothered to bring my and use Yashica 124G.

Why do you like this format?

I like to use 35mm because it doesn't slow me down too much when I'm out shooting in the streets and there is a larger variety of films to choose from and shoot than other formats of film.

Where do you see the future of analogue photography?

It's starting to look bright as I notice more and more people shooting film regularly or getting into. It also helps that companies like Ilford seemingly look like they are in it for the long run and more companies are starting up to produce film. It does make me worried though that big companies like Kodak and Fuji are halting production on film but I can only hope that they keep producing at least the more common film for the community to keep shooting for years to come.


originally posted on 2015-05-28.

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