Filmneverdie Shooters - An interview with Cheyenne Morrison

So Cheyenne, where do you come from & what do you do for a living?

Originally from Melbourne, live in Cairns, self employed photographer and writer

How old are you?


How did you become inspired to shoot on film?

I'm not a hipster, I grew up with film. I used digital for 10 years shooting islands for sale all over the world; but digital is sterile and I missed working with film. My Dad had a Land Camera for work and took it on holidays. Every time I pull a Polaroid shot the smell of the goop instantly transports me back to beachside summer holidays. So for me Polaroid is like a time machine.

What format do you shoot?

Polaroid I have Big Shot owned by Andy Warhol, a 24k gold SX-70, SLR690, and a Polaroid Mio. I use 35mm to shoot slide film for Polaroid transfers, searching for Leica M3. I also have complete kit for 8x10" Polaroid 809 and 3 boxes of film I'm saving for special project.

Why do you like this format?

It's the imperfection of analogue that makes it so beautiful. Plus I love analogue, I wear a 1913 mechanical watch, and use typewriter and fountain pen, so for me analogue film was a natural choice.

Where do you see the future of analogue photography?

Sometimes it's a bit depressing use expired film as an artistic medium, but analogue photography is experiencing a massive resurgence. I think you can compare this to the slow food movement, people want the things that surround them to be more handmade, and artisanal.

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