Mystery 35mm roll film, shot 10 years ago! let's find who's it is.

Anyone like me, like to solve a mystery? So this is the story, my rubbish removal friend, found a Pentax Espio 60s ( see photo) and it had a roll of film inside, so like any good film shooter will do we went and got it developed and scanned!

Low and behold the photos on it is still good! It will be really cool if we can identify who's camera this is and be able to send them their last roll of film with photos they have not seen yet! These photos were taken back in 2005 ! 10 years ago!

Now, this is the power of social media, let's us all share this and see if we or people we know can recognise anyone on the picture? Hopefully we will be able to complete our mission and give the photos back!

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