FilmNeverDie Parkville Shop close for 3 days a week, but lots are happening...








We have chose to close 3 days in a week (temporary), so we can focus on bringing a new FilmNeverDie Cafe to you, very soon! We will be working around the clock to get licences, great coffee and maybe food at our new FilmNeverDie Cafe (imaging great cameras , films and coffees together YUM).

FilmNeverDie specialised in Polaroid and Analogue photography product and services. We have grown to a community of thousands.

The purpose of this new expansion, is to provide a space to nurture our film and Polaroid community. Creating a safe environment, where creative juice can flow freely. A space for us all to hang out, talk cameras and film alongside with great coffee and maybe, food. 

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At the mean time, as the renovation is happening, I will need your input on - if we should keep our Parkville shop OPEN, or we should just CLOSE it as we venture into the Melbourne CBD? Furthermore, if we should service hot food at our Cafe? Do you prefer some panini and roti rolls or cakes, or maybe just great coffee and teas will do? 


Bear in mind this will probably be the first Polaroid / Film, or even the first photography theme cafe you will find in Melbourne! Woo HOo!

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