Filmneverdie Shooters - An interview with Ben Murphy

Where do you come from & what do you do for a living?
Im from a town about an hour out of Melbourne called Drouin, now living in Hawthorn to study.
I work as a kitchen at Hooked Fish & Chipper on Chapel St.

How old are you?
18 years old.

How did you become inspired to shoot on film?
after having a passing interest in the origins of photography when i shot digital i decided to study at PIC after finishing year 12.
upon starting school i was almost immediately given a Pentax k-1000 and a roll of kodak black and white, i fell in love immediately and have almost never shot digital since.
What format do you shoot? 35mm, Polaroid, 8 x 10 etc
I shoot 35mm negative colour/b&w

Why do you like this format?
I love having a physical representation of a moment in time or a place, 
the fact that each of these moments exists as frames in gelatin excites me to no end.
another amazing benefit is the ease of processing negative 35mm,
combined with the relatively large amount of exposures and potential for experimentation.

Where do you see the future of analogue photography?
I see the future of analogue growing largely again, 
especially the experimental side with companies like revolog producing commercial experimental film
which is really pushing the boundaries on what has been sold before.
I also look forward to new generations of analogue film production being done by companies such
as Ferrania s.r.l


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