9 days to go for the cafe and Gary is ‘living’ in Ikea

FilmNeverDie Cafe rennovation

It's probably my 6th times in Ikea in the spam of 2 weeks. So much so my friend who works Ikea asked if I live in Ikea ! After all I did went there twice, yesterday. 

The cafe is probably 80% done, my wife Wei Wei will say 50% ( you can see how I am an optimist and she is more of a realist, lol). The reason I am in Ikea the second time is because we needed a panel of wooden board to cover the wiring of the coffee machine and fridge . 

Initially the thinking was just go to Bunnings, give them the measurement and they can just cut it to size for me. I thought I had this in the bag, just to find out not all Bunnings has a cut shop. I was on the phone, transferred to 4 different Bunnings from Collingwood shop to Hawthorn shop then finally to Port Melbourne shop which has a cut shop, but the machine was not working on the day .

So I needed to go to Ikea the second time and look for a 140cm x 85cm board, in the ‘AS IS’ area I found a 150cm x 75 cm board, not damage just was used as display. It was almost perfect and I just needed 10 cm cabinet legs (which I got from Bunnings!). See the photo above, how good was the fit (black wooden panel, underneath the coffee machine), no cutting required. 

The first time I went to IKEA that day was during lunch time just to get the Hyllis galvanised shelve for $12, I got two just incase. After check out I past the trolley to be minded, so I can drive my car up to the loading bay. The trolley minder handed me no.17 which is my number and I felt an inner peace. Have ever had those time where during the mist of chaos, a small thing or incident gave you a sense of peace? it is almost like someone is telling me yes, I am with you. 

While driving out of Ikea the first time, I felt like I missed out on something, it felt like I needed to go check out the ‘AS IS’ area to see if there is a off cut of wooden board I can use. But I shelved that idea thinking Bunnings will cut me a better fit panel. Sure enough I am back at Ikea the second time. 

Sometimes it’s almost wiser to trust your hunch, and go with it. I wonder if anyone of you have a similar experience? 

Anyway FilmNeverDie Cafe is 80% done! 9 days to go till the space is ready!

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