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Filmneverdie Shooters - An interview with Brad Nightingale

October 08, 2015

I'm from the Gold Coast
I am a street photographer
I am 22

I got inspired to shoot with film when i got my first dslr a pentax K5 and was posting and looking on instagram at the pentax hashtags and noticed people were shooting with film cameras, so i talked and followed them and made alot of IG friends and started shooting on film. though i have shot film before when i was a kid using a action man photo mission toy, he used 110 film.

I shoot only 35mm atm, but im hoping to get into bigger formats and more polaroids in the future.
I like to use 35mm as its very easy to use and obtain, its the most common film to find haha.

I see the future of analouge photography being great, i don't think it will ever die. its something that will always exists.

if you's want you can checkout my work at Bradnightingale.tumblr.com or my instagram KRaZiGLiTcH

Brad Nightingale

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