Filmneverdie Shooters - An interview with James Juranke

So, where do you come from & what do you do for a living?

Been in Melbourne for a while, original born in Queensland, live all over News South Wales as a kid and now in Melbourne, from a Hungarian Family background (most of my family are in Europe). My daytime job is at Coles Head Office. Also do my photography to add to the kitty! Always had a passion for art and photography for a career, but got snapped up after year 12 with Coles.

How old are you?


How did you become inspired to shoot on film?

I started on film, there was digital cameras at my time as a kid, but they were limited. I was quite a self-documentary style of kid, with my weekly pocket money. I use to buy disposable camera, then one Christmas, I got a Zenit-E and the passion continued on from there. I have always been a dreamer, stories running through my mind all the time. I like photography as I could run some stories through my mind into some kind of contact in the real world, and tell my story with it. Now today, I shoot more people photography (Fashion work & film story telling). I like to use my film photography to tell a mystery story, guess I draw my inspiration from movie makers and story tellers like Wong Kar Wai. That mystery draws you in.

What format do you shoot? 35mm, Polaroid, 8 x 10 etc Why do you like this format?

I shoot 35mm, Fujifilm Instax and sometimes some medium format (Mamiya fan boy!)

Where do you see the future of analogue photography?

I still think that analogue photography will be around. It will never go. I don’t see rising back to its former glory days, but still around for the “niche” market to continue to shoot and create with film.

Where can we find out more about your work?

A few places, I have a film ONLY Tumblr at: as well as work on my website

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