7 artisans Vs Leica M mount lenses

The perks of working in a camera shops is often you get to come across some really awesome camera gears and get to play with them up close. Few weeks ago, a fellow customer friend Keith Wong came in with his Leica M10 and a series of Leica lenses.

The purpose of his visit?  is to compared his Leica lenses with the 7 artisans series of lenses, so just like that we got a showdown, and I get to be the model lol. 

*we need to quality though this is not an extensive review / comparison but a very quick shoot and review for both sets lenses*

So the lenses we are trying out are:


28mm f1.4 Summilux  ~ $8,000 

35mm f1.4 Summilux-M ASPH ~ $7,000

50mm f1.4 Summulux-M ASPH ~ $5,000

7 artisans

28mm f1.4 ~ $700

35mm f2 ~ $500

50mm f1.1 ~ $600

Looking at the above prices, I thought to myself "Am I for real?" , I mean how can these two sets of lenses even go on comparison ? I mean Leica is literally 10x the prices of the 7 artisans lenses.  Not to mention Leica was founded in 1914, a 104 years old company, for example the 50mm f1.4 Summilux, was first design in 1961 has only have 6 iterations, so about 50+ years head starts as a lens designer. 7 artisans on the other hand was founded in 2016, and within the spam of 2 years they created 3 full frame M mount lenses.

To be continue.... ( more to come tonight, I need to drive home first, settle the wife and dog and continue to write  )

Sneak peak, guess which 2 of the 6 lenses shot these two photos below:

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