What Cameras you can get as Christmas Gift 2015 from FilmNeverDie

Second hand / Used Analogue Cameras


"Cosina CX-2 the model that Lomography LCA model it's camera off, the grandad of Lomo if you like !" - FilmNeverDie

"If you want the equivalent of an auto-focus Leica M6, then this is the camera for you! For point and shoot photography, it is completely un-paralleled!" - The Instant Camera Guy

"The Nikon FG is a 35mm SLR, made by Nippon Kōgaku from 1982 to 1984. It features Programmed, Aperture Priority and full Manual exposure modes"

 "This particular model is a "Pre-Anniversary", one of the earliest designs of Speed Graphic cameras. It was manufactured from 1928 to 1939."



"Shoot your festive memories in medium format with the iconic Diana F+ Cortina. This special edition camera is a nod to fun winter holidays: snow-capped mountains, skiing and good times with friends and family."


"Paying tribute to cozy winter holidays, the Diana Mini Monte Rosa is a limited-edition 35mm camera designed with a snowy winter wonderland theme."




"Extend the borders of instant photography with the World’s Most Creative Instant Camera System. Packed with fun features and say hello to the Lomo'Instant Camera!- this light orange one is the Kyoto limited edition"


"You have too many friends to fit them all in one Instax Mini frame but want to capture the wonderful vibes of your wild night instantly? Take a ride into the wide and shoot every beautiful, bizarre and bewildering moment of your adventures in an expanded format."



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