Jacinta Keefe (Minty) - a small paragraph about the washi X 35mm film

The Washi X 35mm, 400 ISO, has an overall subtle creamy look with a yellow to teal kind of cast, which when shot on an overcast day, the tones are beautiful, however when shot in low light the film retains a lot of grain almost making some shots un-useable, a flash could combat this. It does take on an orange/red wash, if there is suspected light leaks in your camera, so be careful with the first few shots after the film has been loaded.


I also included some shots I took with it incase you wanted them :) because when I looked at the film online I really wasn't quite sure what to expect from it.


Jacinta Keefe (Minty)
Photographer. Designer

you can get your hand on this film here:

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