Winter Polaroid Walk Contest Winner - Angie Connell!

Let's hear from Angie about her experience on the Polaroid Walk! 

" Had the pleasure of attending the Winter Polaroid Walk last Sunday organised by the funky crew of Melbourne's Armed with my Polaroid Land 180 and surrounded by good company, we went exploring St Kilda through the view finders of our chosen film cameras. St Kilda goers had the unusual site of an eclectic group of people moving slowly through St Kilda aiming their polaroids at everything from debris on the beach, the iconic Luna, to a man with a bucket on his head. Afterwards we all ate together and shared our shots from the day, it was mighty inspiring to see how everyone had interpreted our surroundings differently. I was lucky enough to have one of my photos voted as 'photo of the day' and scored a box of instant film to keep on shooting with! The shot was originally composed with my fellow shooter's feet on a elevated boardwalk with the beach in the beach ground... pretty uninteresting... but as I was setting up the shot I noticed how the perspective caused the people behind to look tiny... So we only had to wait for another 30 seconds for a cyclist to start approaching, ready, set...Jump! Click. Then the reason I LOOOOOOOVE Polaroid...1,2,3, I wonder if it worked??..10, 11,12, of I hope it worked!... 17, 18, 19... oh the anticipation!!...28,29,30...Peel back.... Whoop it worked !!!!!!


Cheers FilmNeverDie


And a special mention of appreciation to Briana for her expert jumping skills."




By Angie Connell @ St Kilda Beach 28th of July 2013

Polaroid 180 Land Peel a part camera + FP3000B Polaroid film

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