A hands-on review of the Iomo'Instant Wide instant camera from Lomography

A brief intro: 

You have too many friends to fit them all in one Instax Mini frame but want to capture the wonderful vibes of your wild night instantly? Take a ride to the wide side and shoot every beautiful, bizarre and bewildering moment of your adventures in an expanded format. All it takes is a single snap for a perfectly exposed picture to see the light of day.   The Lomo'Instant Wide takes Fujifilm Instax Wide film which is available HERE

The Lomo’Instant Wide features not only manual exposure settings for the free-thinkers out there, but also comes equipped with a fully programmable shutter that lets you lean back and enjoy the ease of the instant. Long exposures, multiple exposures and color-flashed exposures—this camera gives you everything you need to explore your creativity.

No matter if you want to capture wide and bright landscapes in the sunrise or get oh-so-close to your best friend’s lovely smile, the two sophisticated lens attachments will let you see the world from the right perspective.

The Lomo'Instant wide is the bigger brother of the original Lomo'Instant which was the first camera in the lomo'instant family.   This camera took the smaller and more readily available Instant Mini films.

A shot of Melbourne City from Southern Cross Station

sample of the long exposure mode.


How does it feel in your hand? The Instant Wide feels great, but a little bulky.  However with it's large film size, you should expect this from the camera.    

Focus control on the lens of the Lomo'Instant Wide

The lomo'instant wide has three focusing  options. 0.6m, 1-2m and infinity.  It is important to remember to set these each time you take a new photo as this is the only way that the camera focuses. 

Multiple exposure function:
The lomo'instant wide has a couple of cool features -  one of them is the multiple exposure feature.  To use this you simply press the MX button on the back of the camera and reduce the exposure take an image then take another image after that.  To eject the film, press the MX button again. Below are some sample photos when were having Big Boy a few weeks ago.


  • Large film size (Fujifilm Instax Wide)
  • Different shooting modes such a bulb and multiple exposure.
  • Self timer and shutter remote.
  • You can add colour filters onto the flash to add a different feel to your image.


  • Large camera size
  • In my testing of this camera, I did notice that the shutter button on the camera is VERY sensitive.
  • No strap is included - this is quite annoying as it's a fairly large camera to hold for a long period of time.
  • Framing.  You need to make sure that you use the frame lines within the cameras viewfinder, not just the whole space within the finder, or your image will not come out how you framed it.

 Controls that are on the back of the camera.


A photo of Dockland from one of our recent Polaroid walk

In conclusion I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who has previously shot with the instax mini films as this is a huge upgrade.

3 Lenses Set - Lomo'Instant Wide - Buy here - $420

No Lenses Set - Lomo'Instatn Wide - Buy here - $350

Any question feel free to let us know


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