Film Never Die at the ACPS Camera Market, September 15

Gary and Wei Wei at the last Market.

Sure, the Internet has made it easier than ever before to track down rare and vintage cameras, and Polaroids. You can spend hours scouring for information about models, compare the prices of these over-analysed models, over and over, agonising over every detail until you’re absolutely, positively sure that you’re getting the best deal.  However, this process can be just as exhausting as it sounds. And once the equipment itself arrives there is room for more unpleasant surprises, with sellers sometimes getting a just little bit too creative in describing the condition (or lack there of) of their products. Here at Film Never Die, we get a little nostalgic for the days where you could walk in somewhere, find an analog camera, with all of its accessories, there, at your fingertips, at a reasonable price.

Well, now you can.

On Sunday, September 15th Film Never Die will be holding a stall at the Australian Collectors’ Photography Society (ACPS) Market. The market will be held at the Box Hill Town Hall from 9am to 1pm, and admission is a mere $5.

This is an invaluable source for the photographically minded, with a great deal of new and used equipment available, all in the one place.

The market is a great place to meet other camera lovers and to share in the expertise of professionals and enthusiasts. And, of course, our stall with be there, featuring a huge range of Polaroid cameras, 35mm, medium format cameras, lenses and accessories. The stall will be staffed with the smiling faces of our team members, Gary, Wei Wei, and Eric who will be eager to share with you their in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed enthusiasm for these resilient cameras. And to take your Polaroid, of course.

This market is an unparalleled resource. The markets are held twice yearly and are the largest of their kind in Australia. Professional photographers often use the market to sell their extra or out-of-date equipment, making professional 35mm and medium format cameras, and their difficult to find accessories available and affordable for users and collectors. These markets illustrate that analog format is still a viable medium, recognised and valued by many, above digital.

They’re also a whole heap of fun. So come down and check it out!

You can find more details on the ACPS's website. 

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