Babies are here! - Wildflower Nana Wong and Polaroid Go!

Introducing Wildflower Nana Wong!
Yup ! It's a lock down Baby! On 13th of May 2021, 8:12pm, our first baby girl Wildflower Nana Wong was born in the Royal Women Hospital, Parkville. Weighting 3.023kg Wildflower came out in a supernatural birth, within 4 hours of recorded active labour. We are happy to report Mum and bub is doing well and Gary will be staying at home a bit longer to ensure Mum and continue to recover well during this period. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayer as they are experiencing all the fun and gams a newly minted parents will need to go through. Is there enough Milk? Should we only breast feed ? Does the baby has Jaundice, what does the Baby want when she is crying, it's definitely a new learning curve. 
Introducing Polaroid Go !
Can you believe this is actually Polaroid's first introduction of a new film format since the 1980s, when they introduce the Polaroid Spectra film format? So almost 40 years ago since a new form / format of Polaroid was introduce to the world. You know the saying :  ""the old to give way to the new?" Funny enough it was Polaroid Spectra films production line that was sacrifice, allowing the factory to retool and introduce this new film format. 

This camera and film format is tiny, the Go camera can literally be hold on the palm of your hand, this Polaroid spits out an instant film that is almost 50% smaller than the Polaroid 600 and Sx-70 format. Luckily the film price is also 50% less, for $37 you get 16 shots! And the Polaroid Go Camera is retailed at $199.95. 

What do you reckon ? Do you think this Polaroid Go strategy will give the Polaroid Original a new life and allow them to compete with the Fujifilm Instant series or this could lead to a dead end? At least we are certainly quite excited about this new member in the Polaroid family. See our test shots video here

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