Changes to Scanning Membership

With the new Studio Membership implementation we have made changes to how the memberships work overall including the scanning membership. We now require the use of FilmNeverDie accounts if you wish to make a booking past the 27th of July. We are still working on importing all your email addresses into the new system, this may take up to a week from the time of writing and you will receive an email notification once your details have been integrated. In the mean time you are free to use the teamup system we used previously to make bookings, though this link too will be gone from our website on the 27th. All new members will be required to sign up via this new system.

Creating a booking using the new system:

After you've created your FilmNeverDie account and payed for your membership simply login to your account page via clicking on your name that will appear on the header (provided you have logged in).

On the left hand side you will spot these following links "Scanner BookingsStudio BookingsManage Memberships." Simply click on Scanner Bookings and you will be presented with a calendar and a form. The calendar is simply a manifestation of created bookings, you will need to fill in the form to create a booking.

After you filled the form, if successful you will receive a notification email with a Booking number and your booking details. If you're booking was unsuccessful where the time slot was already taken you will receive an error notification instead. Please note that these notifications take 15-20 minutes to process.




We've reduced the total length of a booking down to 1 hour per booking though you are welcome to create 2 bookings in arrow if needed.

Please note that since this system is new, we reserve the right to amend any issues this system may entail and explicitly warn that even drastic changes may occur.

If you have any issues with the system we are always reachable by email at

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