City of Melbourne 24/7 FilmNeverDie dropbox and vending machine !


Melbourne might not be the city that does not sleep🌃, but now it can be the city that sells 35mm, 120, Polaroid films and disposable cameras 24 hours 7 days a week! 🎞️🤟

Wait, that's not only it. You can also drop off your films and disposable cameras for developing 24/7 too, our vending machine has a drop box attached to it too!😛

Location? I heard you asked! Location could not be better, just 3 minutes from Southern Cross station, off Spenser Street, on 6 Watertank way, Melb CBD, there are no more excuses not to drop off your films before or after a flight or a train. ✈️🚇




Let us know if you got any questions and show us some love by commenting and sharing if you like the idea! 🙌

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