CP800 production model V1 is here!


OMG!! Finally CP800 is here!


What is CP800 - dubbed Compact Processor 800, this is our own designed and newly made film processor! Yes Brand New !! with parts warranty and the lot! 

Plus this is also now an Open Source project ! Why? Because we believe the world is not a zero sum game and the more people have access to this technology the better it will gets. 

Case in point is capsule coffees that became popular for the past few years ! Truth is technology was created by K-cup in America , they patented the technology and locked it up for the past 20 -30 years. Now you see wide spread of this technology because the patent has expired ! Imagine if it was open up 20 years ago how much more benefit it will bring to the wider community ? 

FilmNeverDie will sell a commercial branded CP800 by FilmNeverDie - which is fully assembled tested and comes with 5 years parts warranty ! 

For those that want to get your hands dirty and created one from scratch then you can check out the Open Sourced project. - dubbed Farbung.

However we also offer a middle ground where you can buy parts from us and assemble them yourself you can get started here. ( more parts to be available in the coming weeks). 

Please find attached Press Release for CP800 - take two.


Many thanks for your support and if you got any question please reach out.



See it in action here: 

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