The Film Lab Processor and Kickstarter Rewards FAQ

Here at FilmNeverDie we value transparency and many of you have been asking us when your Kickstarter rewards will be fulfilled and the progress we've got to with our Film developing lab. If you have any further questions please email them to us at or DM us on Instagram. This FAQ will be updated as we move along or if any more relevant information comes to light.

Have you gotten a new space?

Yes and No, we've got the keys to the space but it still requires work before we can effectively move in. Expect around a month or so before seeing us settling into our new space.

Where is this new space?

Easy! It's the same building but on the ground floor! Still 640 Bourke Street!

What are your prices for dev + scans?

Develop only will be priced at $7 for both 120 and 35mm. 35mm with Medium-res scans are priced at $13, and $20 for Hi-Res. 120 scanning services are currently pending the arrival of a dedicated Medium Format scanner, however we do provide access to a self-service Epson v700 to be used on the basis of a gold coin donation. As it stands currently, during this Beta-testing stage all prices are lowered by $2 than those listed prices. Beta-testing will continue until the new space is up and running.

When will you start processing Developing Rewards?

We have already begun this, but not on a large scale basis. If you are interested for us to process some of your film during this Beta stage come in store anytime. Turn arounds are currently anywhere between 2-3 days. And we aren't taking in any more than 5 rolls to process per day.

Why are you Beta-Testing and what does that entail?

Our processor is currently error free, but that was not always the case. Occasionally we do run into problems, but primarily the concerns are currently logistical in nature. We are understaffed in regards to running a full fledged Film Lab, not to mention we are still finessing details in regards towards filing and cataloguing customers' film.

We are also hindered by space, the processor currently sits in a 3x5m storage space and is admittedly not the greatest space for this kind of work. The new space will provide ample leg room and will alleviate this hindrance as soon as we move in. We are starting this service from 0, so we hope you are patient with us as we perfect this process.

Though due to the fact we are working with these limitations, all prices are lowered by $2! ✌️

When will you be shipping "IRO", T-Shirts, Film, and other rewards?

IRO is being manufactured as we speak, it is a 200 ISO colour C41 film. Expect further announcements in regards to this soon! As for information on other rewards come in contact with us directly via email at!

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