FilmNeverDie - IRO 200 - Pre-orders FAQ

We've kept quiet about this but we're so excited to share this with you guys!
色/Iro simply means colour. It's an ISO 200 colour negative film with 27 exposures. Here's how it will be packaged! We hope you like it as much we do! Credit goes to Rizki Wibisono aka @jekjonze for the design! Needless to say this a step closer to delivering all our Kickstarter commitments!

Can I use IRO 200 in point and shoots?

Yes! Most will take it just fine, it lacks DX coding but most point and shoots will shoot it at either 100 or 200 anyway.

When will the Pre-Orders for IRO 200 ship?

We are estimating around the end of this month (October 2017), we have a small stock right now but all of these are going out to our Kickstarter backers.

Do you have any sample images?

Here you go!

How much will IRO cost?

During this pre-order stage it's priced at 5$, final prices are still yet to be confirmed but it shouldn't be much more than that. If you have any more questions in regards to IRO 200 contact us directly via email at! 

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