FilmNeverDie's Nana Camera now on Kickstarter

Introducing Nana: The Ultimate Film Photography Companion – Now Live on Kickstarter!

We first announce this in Oct 2023 you read all the first blog about this here. 

About 7 months down the track we done a bunch of research and development and learn a lot and the main thing is we were able to knock 2 of the 3 main goals out of the park, that being making the camera motorised and putting on a sleek looking metal body. However the Dual focus mode need some more development, read on to find out more, but before that let us remind you what this Nana camera is all about. 

We have some exhilarating news from the creative minds at FilmNeverDie that will surely tickle your analog fancy. I'm Gary Wong, co-founder of this nostalgic haven, and I'm beyond thrilled to introduce you to our latest brainchild – the Nana camera!

Meet Nana: Your New Analog Best Friend

Remember the magic of our Niji 35mm reusable film camera from three years ago? We ignited a wave of creativity and nostalgia, and now, we're back with something even better. Say hello to Nana, your ultimate film photography companion.

What Makes Nana Special?

Nana is packed with features that will make your film photography experience smoother and more delightful:

  • Motorized Film Winding: Tired of manual winding? Nana's got you covered with its motorized film winding, making each shot as seamless as possible.
  • Premium Metal Body: Drawing inspiration from the legendary Contax T2, Nana boasts a sleek, sturdy metal body with a minimalist design that’s as stylish as it is durable.
  • Dual Focus Mode: Our advanced optical system ensures sharper, more breathtaking shots. It's a dream for landscape lovers and we're fine-tuning the portrait lens, which is why we need your support on Kickstarter!

Nana perfectly marries the charm of analog photography with modern-day enhancements, making it a significant leap forward for film photography enthusiasts.

Be Part of Nana's Journey on Kickstarter

We're in the final stages of development and need your help to bring Nana to life. By backing our 10-day Kickstarter campaign, you can snag Nana at an irresistible early bird price of $225 AUD (retail price: $350 - 395 AUD). Our goal is to deliver the first units within 7 months – perfect timing for capturing your next adventure!

Spread the Word and Capture the Moment

Your support means the world to us. Whether you write a feature article, a blog post, or simply share our Kickstarter link on social media, you'll help us reach fellow enthusiasts who would love Nana as much as we do.

For all the juicy details, visit our Kickstarter page here.

Nana's Technical Specs:

  • Lens: 31mm f/11 fixed lens, 1/125s, 1 element lens
  • Focus: Dual focus mode with an additional lens element on a 30mm thread
  • Flash: Built-in
  • Power: Operates on AA batteries
  • Build: Sturdy metal front casing
  • Film Handling: Motorized film wind on and wind off (toggle button)

See the  high-resolution images and sample photos taken with Nana here:


Join Us in This Exciting Adventure

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Nana. We’re incredibly excited to share this journey with you and can't wait to see the amazing shots you'll create with Nana.

Got questions or need more info? Feel free to reach out to me directly at or call the shop 03 8899 7586.

Warm regards,

Gary Wong
Co-Founder, FilmNeverDie


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