FilmNeverDie's Nikon Hanami Project

It’s spring in Japan and the national flower - Sakura 桜 or 櫻; (Cherry blossom flower from the Japanese cherry tree) is in full bloom now. It’s a great time for Hanami.

Hanami 花見, (where people eat, drink and fellowship under the blossoming Sakura tree) is almost a compulsory Japanese culture for work colleagues to gather together often feasting, binge drinking and bonding, similar to our Horse Racing season here! Now, I know in Australia we have the opposite seasons right now, but we are just coming out of Summer going into Autumn, expecting colder weather.

Let us not keep Australia in the cold! Here at FilmNeverDie, we are bringing you a bit of love from Japan and we are calling it the 'Nikon Hanami' project. For one whole month, starting today, we are bringing to you some serious Nikon gear in stock. We are promoting the legendary Nikon 60s - 80s Single Lens Reflex (SLR) “full metal body” and it's complimentary Nikkor lens.

Not to blow our own horn, but I think here at FilmneverDie, we just might have the widest range of used Nikon cameras ranging from the entry level “FG” to the semi-pro “FM” and the high-end “F2”. Not to mention a full stock of various Nikon Nikkor lenses from 24mm wide angle to 135mm zoom.

The best way to experience this 'Nikon Hanami' is to come and check them out in the shop. If you want to lock in these amazing items quickly, you can get your hands on them through our website:

If you don't see what you want in there, please check back in a week or so, we will be adding new stock regularly in the coming weeks. 

For those who wants to find out why and what is Nikon? Read more here:

Have a great Spring season! Oh, i mean Autumn season!

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