Fujifilm Instax Mini, is that the new Polaroid 600 or Sx-70 killer?

If you have not been following the news, Fujifilm instax mini has been kicking goals. Not only did they just release the long overdue monochrome Black and White instax mini film, but Lomography have their Lomo’Instant (raised $10million on Kickstarter in 2014), Mint releases: a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) - TL70 in 2015 using this film and now Leica has just jumped on the Fujifilm instax mini bandwagon and released the Leica Sofort. 

Leica Sofort

the new Leica Sofort - using the Fujifilm instax mini

leica Sofort

Fujifilm first licensed the instant photography technology from Polaroid back in 1980s to initially only sell to the Japanese market. Since the multiple bankruptcy of the Polaroid corporation, Fujifilm has really gone hard and now dominate the instant photography medium worldwide with the Fuji instax Mini film format. It is so popular among teens that it almost became the synonymous with Polaroid film for the new generation.

Lomo instant mini from Lomography

Lomography - Lomo'Instant mini, using the Fujifilm Instax Mini film 

Averaging about $1.50 a shot, Fujifilm instax mini is definitely the best bang for your buck. However, not having a good enough camera was the bottleneck to realising the full potential for this film format. Reason being, if you look it, the Fujifilm instax mini is actually a medium format size film - 6 x 4.5 cm (645), which means that if you have a really good camera you can really harvest the true film potential for this format.


 Fuji instax mini

 Fujifilm instax mini film - shot on Mint TL-70

At the moment, from our experience, the best camera you can get to maximise the film potential of the Fujifilm instax mini format is the Mint TL70, launched in 2015. Recently they launched a new bright screen, which makes focusing better. Though not a glass lens, this camera really shines in low lighting condition and we have never seen a sharper Fujifilm instax mini photo shot, until the Mint TL70.

Mint TL70




 Fujifilm instax mini film - shot on Mint TL-70


 Fujifilm instax mini film - shot on Mint TL-70

Now with the launch with of the Leica camera it is most exciting to see if the verdict of the best Fujifilm instax mini medium camera will fall back to the Mint TL70 or the new Leica Sofort. We will see if the prestigious Leica touch on the this medium will bring the Fujifilm instax mini film to a new height or it’s just a pure marketing hoax to milk more money from the average consumer. 

'Sofort' means Immediate in German, just incase if you think that is a giveaway for photography 'softness'. 

To learn more or buy the:

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Leica Sofort - Click Here

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