Impossible Project B&W Polaroid 600 film - a review by first time Polaroid shooter Bryce Wilson

'FilmNeverDie ( owner Gary Wong gave me some Impossible Project 600 B&W Instant Film to shoot photographs in Melbourne on a Polaroid 600, then talk about them.


The Polaroid 600 B&W Instant Film is rated at 640 ASA (ISO), and offers strong contrast and fast development times. I like the detail that the shadows retain on this film, even in areas that are definitely overexposed.

I enjoy shooting reflections and architecture with black and white films, focusing specifically on hard, straight lines and artificial details. Bright glass looks great on this film, although in future I will pay special attention to darker shades of glass where light does not reflect as strongly.

Packets of Polaroid 600 B&W Instant Film are $35.00 AUD ( (~$4.35 AUD per photograph) each, and the price is a serious reason to make every shot count. Be wary of bright areas/objects - think about exposure all across the frame - especially when using your Polaroid camera's onboard flash, or on bright days.

My favourite shots are seen throughout this post.


Disclaimer: I am a customer - and fan - of FilmNeverDie's store and community, and received this product for free. I have happily written the guide and short review above.'

By Bryce William  , you can follow him on Instagram @brycewilsonau

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