Isolation: Issue 01

A once in a hundred years event, one says. During this period of isolation, how can we continue to be inspired and more creative?

Focusing on more editorial & media work to spur engagement has always been on the cards for FilmNeverDie. However, with all that has happened, we hardly have time to even catch up on life.

This is the time for Wei Wei to shine, as an introvert herself, she prides herself in taking care of the house and often 'forces' Gary to help take photos of her at home. Even more so, when we recently added a new family member to our household, Blue Moon, our 5- year-old rescued greyhound. 

In this issue, we will explore five different ideas on what we can do during these times when we are all isolated.

You don’t need the fanciest gear or the most expensive film. Simply make use of items of windows, mirrors, reflections, afternoon light and evening golden hour. 

All the photos in this issue were taken on FilmNeverDie's IRO 200 or IRO 400 film with either a Contax G2 and or Contax T2. Flip away and let's explore them together.

Download here



  • Gary Wong

    Try now the link has been updated for 2021 and it should work now :D

  • Oliver Evans

    Hi Film Never Die, I would really like to read your latest Zine on Isolation, however, the login process isn’t working for me and I am unable to fix it.
    Is there another way I Can find the PDF
    Regards, Oliver

  • Ananda Sim

    G’day – the “Download here” link points to a restricted Microsoft Sharepoint resource that needs authentication – it is not open to public

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