Metamorphosis; The FilmNeverDie moving

"We are excited to announce that we are soon to be starting anew. We will be relocating to a new space that is tailor-made to our needs.

However, like most good things this will take time... We need to move out of our current space by the 24th of May and our new FilmNeverDie space is set to open in June-July.

In the meantime we will be temporarily reopening the original FilmNeverDie Gallery at 374 Mile Lane in Parkville for in store purchases. This will be a good way for you guys to catch a glimpse of FND’s past and see how far we have come!

We will also have one fully-functional vending machine and dropbox - for film purchases and film drop-off - outside our new space.

A a lot of things are also going to be happening on our online store and Instagram page so certainly watch these spaces.

Don’t forget to come and see us one more time on Bourke street before the 24th and if you have any questions or concern don’t hesitate to ask so we can together work through this transitional phase. Thanks for your patience!

The FilmNeverDie team!"

Practical information:

Our store on 640 Bourke Street will be open until the 24th of May. Until then you can come in to pick up, drop off and buy film and film cameras.

We are having a BIG Lomography gear sale in-store with almost everything under $50 and heaps of cameras and accessories under $10. You can get Panoramic cameras for $30, Instax mini instant cameras for $40, fisheye cameras for $10 and more! This will be ongoing until the 24th of May or until everything sells out .

Don't forget to come and pick up your negatives! You can come and pick them up in-store or ask for us to mail them to you until the 24th of May. After that we will get rid of everything left so as to start fresh in our new space.
If you would like us to mail them to you, please send us an email at with all your details and we'll send you a Paypal link to pay for postage.

Our vending machine and drop off point will be open in front of our new store from the 24th of May. The address is: 6 Watertank way, Melbourne.

You will also be able to drop off, collect and buy film and film cameras from our temporary FilmNeverDie store at 374 Mile Lane, Parkville. This space will be used as our main shop space until we re-open on Watertank way.

From the 24th of May our online store will have Australia-wide 5$ flat rate shipping until we move into our new space.

The move to Watertank way is due around June-July. We will give you more details on our actual move-in date later.

All our scanning membership holders will be given 2 months' membership for free to compensate for our moving time.

Big broken camera sale. From the 15th on we will be selling all our broken cameras for just 5$ a piece. This is perfect if you want to come and get some spare parts for your camera, camera bodies to fix up or if you just want to use some beautiful but dead cameras as decoration.

More info to come...

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