Nana Camera get a new Aspherical Lens upgrade !

Great news! We recently visited the camera factory, and are delighted to share that we have further strengthened our relationship and gained a deeper understanding of their production and QC processes. This has boosted our confidence in bringing Nana to the market in a few months, definitely before November this year!

After much negotiation, we were able to unlock a new feature: a technology that the factory has been keeping under wraps. They have been waiting for their own technology to mature, specifically developing their optical injection moulding technology to ensure quality and quantity. This new aspherical lens, which uses Japanese optic technology, has shown a significant improvement in image quality compared to the previous lens design (see sample shots below).

This feature introduces one of the world’s first known aspherical single-element lenses in this new 35mm full-frame form factor. The aspherical lens will improve image quality, with minimal impact on our timeline.

You may remember that we first released our Nana camera for pre-order in November 2023, promising delivery around the end of June/July. This initial group of customers will experience a slight delay, as we need another month to ensure the testing and tooling of this aspherical lens.

However, the Kickstarter batch will not be affected, and we are still on track for delivery by November 2024, if not earlier.

The extra wide-angle lens is still in development, and we will ship that out separately to our first batch customers. For our Kickstarter customers, we will try to include it in the box and ship it together.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that the Nana camera package will include a roll of film, a battery ready to go, and a free development and scan.

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