New Developing Counter and Workbench

We have been continuously making improvements to our space, considering how messy our work bench gets throughout an entire course of a day's work of listing and selling cameras, we have discovered a need for a dedicated film developing counter.

More importantly we have also added a new workbench for those who wish to use the Epson v700. On this workstation you will find everything you need to use the flatbed scanner including a 27-inch thunderbolt Apple display. An older Macbook can be supplied if requested but for optimum results we recommend you bring your own computer.

With this we are also adding the Epson v700 onto our Teamup booking calendar system. The same rules apply to how the sp500 operated. The only extra step you need to do is when you are doing a booking choose which calendar you wish to book on: the SP500 or the Epson v700.

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