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We have an exciting news we've been waiting to share with you guys!

FilmNeverDie is expanding and we are currently doing a kickstarter campaign, seeking your support to bring our recently purchased Film Processor Fujifilm FP363SC to 100% and to help fund for a New Space for 2018 for us to cater our film community and their creative endeavors! 

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In this project, we are collaborating with a local Melbourne designer, Davud Sadinlija!

We did an interview with Davud about the campaign, his art, and also what he's been upto! Have a scroll down below!

So Davud, where do you come from and what do you do?

Grew up in a small suburb in the (then) outskirts of Melbourne. I remember the entire area being riddled with outcasts and oddballs who had a general “fuck you” attitude toward outsiders, so I usually did my best to assimilate. I spent all my free time drawing and writing, and since I earn my income in the design field, it was probably a sound investment.

What is your favorite experience so far in the creative industry?

I designed some clothing last year, with women in mind. Somehow, through a stupid series of scenarios, a famous rapper from the US ended up grabbing something from the collection. It’s a women’s hoodie though, and he’s got a pretty “tough guy” image, so I’m gonna go easy on the name dropping (laughs)

When did you start shooting film and what made you shoot film?

I met Gary and Huw in Tokyo for a film walk they’d organised for Melbournians who happened to be in the area. I was the only attendee, so I had an opportunity to learn all about film up close while we ran around the city for the day.

What format do you use and why?

I’m about as amateur as they come, so I usually use an old Olympus point-and-shoot I found in a second-hand store in Tokyo.

Favorite type of film to use and favorite object to shoot?

Just regular old 35mm colour film. I love taking photos of people. I remember coming back to Melbourne, and my family was disappointed with all the photos I had of the locals and none of myself!

Explain a little bit about your current project with FND?

After spending a few days running around Japan with Gary, he asked me whether I’d like to design some merchandise for FND. I let the question simmer for a while and left it alone, but after thinking about how fun it would be to melt and fuse the concepts of photo exhibitionism and fashion, I told Gary I’d do it. The idea was to approach some of the local talent in Melbourne and exhibit their photography on walking models. The clothing will contain the actual film negative that was used to make the print, and it’ll be sewn in somewhere along with a description of the piece. Very cool. Cant't wait! 

What is your dream project?

I’d like to someday do stage design for bands or musical acts. Either that or somehow get commissioned to re-design some housing developments on the outskirts of Melbourne. Have you seen the shit they’re building these days?

Favorite artist?

Martin Margiela

Where do you see the future of analog photography in the digital era?

Film can capture a scene unlike anything possible with a digital device. Visual art is more relevant now with the rise of visual-based social media like Instagram and Snapchat, so I think film can find a nice, permanent nook to curl up in within a room that’s getting crammed full of trends. Ever since I started shooting with film, I’ve had people asking me how I managed to get that “effect” on my photos. It’s simple, just keep your fucking iPhone in your pocket.

These are some prototype of what our collab with Davud is gonna look like!


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