Melbourne Fringe - Paul Sutton's Photographic Lo-Fi Express - Ends Tomorrow!

We hosted a small print exhibition in our shared space here at FilmNeverDie over the last few weeks. Paul SuttonThe exhibition was a collaboration between us, Magnet Galleries, Hillvale Photo, and Melbourne Fringe. Paul's photos were all printed in a lo-fi manner, he says he was inspired by a London photographer who frequently exhibited his photos on old Xerox machines. But ultimately this process is a testament that photography is about the physicality of the image and the image itself, and not necessarily about the process.

Paul has only started in 2015, and bought his first film camera from us! Some of the photos featured here were shot in his first few rolls! It's been great seeing the progress of the photographers in our community such Paul's! The exhibition ends tomorrow at 3PM (1st of October), so it's your last chance to see before it gets taken down! We have to say it's been great having a change of scenery in our shared space and we hope to give Paul a big thumbs up and job well done. We hope to see more work from Paul, and all the other photographers in the analog community!

For links to Paul Sutton's work go to his instagram and flickr!

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