Pentax 6x7, what can I say?


I first heard about Pentax 6x7 a few years ago. This large looking monster has a mirror inside so big that when you click the shutter, it almost sounds like a big slap. Among camera enthusiasts there is often a joke about the volume of the shutter representing how roughly the camera is made (giving reference to Leica cameras being super silent). This Pentax will probably sit between a Hasselblad and a Kiev medium format camera.


Debuted in 1965, the Pentax 6x7 is a medium format - single lens reflex (SLR) camera. 6 x 7 means that it shoot 120 film but with a 6cm x 7cmm image size. Weighing a tone (2.3 kilo to be exact), this is camera is pretty much as good as a dumbbell. So what makes this camera so special? Recently with the rise of high end wedding photographers purely shooting on film, this camera is probably the most sought after 'go to' gear, after the renowned Contax 645.


For the same reason the Contax 645 is famous for how it renders portraits amazing with the delicious bokeh on it's 80mm f2 Carl Zeiss Planar lens, the Pentax 6x7 with its 105mm f2.4 Super-Takumar lens renders portraits, how should I say it... almost divine!


See photos below, both shot wide open at f2.4 with Fujifilm Provia 100f  slide film (my favourite film). Once seen, you will never look back.



Photo of @Madhedin  shot by @gary7wong


Photo of @Jaden.Buckley shot by @gary7wong

At the moment you have the chance to acquire this lovely camera for a mouth watering $1600 (from). It comes with 6 months warranty too!


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