Plant The Day - FilmNeverDie Opening Party

A wise man once said,

“Be planted, not potted. “

For the past eight years we have had to move a total of five times. We have now found a place we can call home, a place we can be planted and where we can grow deep roots over the following years. We warmly invite you to witness this special occasion and celebrate with us.

We would like to invite you. You, who have been part of our FilmNeverDie journey since 2011. You, who have been supporting us from when we were just an online shop. You, who have come to our various photowalks. You, who have bought a camera, bought film and had it processed with us. You, who might have just got to know about us or just heard about us. You, the one reading this at this moment - I know you will help shape the future of FilmNeverDie, as we are being planted and allowed to grow for at least eight great years. (As per our lease!)


Our sincerest wish is that FilmNeverDie will grow roots, deep roots, and eventually grow to be a big tree. A tree big enough to be shelter, but even more than just shelter - we wish for FilmNeverDie to grow great big branches bearing sweet fruits, fruits that will just fall from the sky, for the coming generation to enjoy.


That is the FilmNeverDie you will be celebrating and the FilmNeverDie we will create together.

As a token of our appreciation, on the 7th of November 2019, from 6pm to 9pm, each person can get one roll of 35mm colour film, developed and scanned by the FilmNeverDie team completely free of charge.


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