Polaroid Peel-a-part camera and films back in stock, why this is the only Polaroid you can "Shake it like a Polaroid!"


It’s almost a miracle that we were able to get this batch of Polaroid film - FP100C and FP3000B, more so the FP3000B because it has long been discontinued and not much was on the market.


If you are not sure what we are talking about, FujiFilm's version of Peel-a-Part film was the predecessor to the popular Polaroid 600 and  SX-70 Polaroid square format and white border film. It was a version of Polaroid where you need to peel-a-part the positive (photo part) and negative after you shoot it.


For this film, you can ‘Shake it like a Polaroid picture!’.

Yes, this is also the only time you should ever shake the Polaroid photo because the photo will be still wet straight after peeling.

This format was also popular for Polaroid passport photos before the post office or chemist used the digital version. You will be surprised to find some chemists  and post offices are still using it.


 For a limited time and with a limited stock you can experience this format again!


You can find the original legendary camera here:

Polaroid Land 180  - big fully manual lens

Polaroid Land 250  - automatic glass lens ( automatic exposure with Ziess viewfinder )


and the films here:

FP100C Colour film

FP3000B Black and White film 

 The FP100C negative can also be bleached and this is how it looks like :


 Shot by Gong 

Oh did I mention? FujiFilm has discontinued and decommissioned the machinery to produce this film but recently there was news (read here) that New 55 and the founder of The Impossible Project might join hands to bring it back again. Maybe Polaroid Peel-a-part film might never die after all.

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