Reduced Prices and Bulk Deals

$100 3 Pack - Polaroid 600

Wait a sec weren't these $35AUD already? You'd be right. We've added a $100 3 pack option to the standard Polaroid 600 film. All our Polaroid 600 cameras are also now going for $140. Together you'll be able to achieve that classic square Polaroid image.



$15 - JCH Street Pan 400

This film has quickly become a go to for many street photographers out there. The inky blacks this film can create is simply unrivalled. Whilst it is definitely not for everyone it's very low grain for a film with such speed. We would recommend you shooting it box speed if possible, it's not the greatest for pushing.



$13 - Ilford Pan F

Want Black and White film? Low grain? Pan F should be your go to if this what you're going for. Great for landscapes and naturally lit portraiture. If 50 is too low it can push quite well like any other traditional grain ilford film.



$15 or $70 Pro Pack - Portra 400

Everyone's favourite film, Portra 400 is now $15 AUD per roll or better still $70 for a pro pack of 5 rolls. Despite it's namesake it's great for everything. Super versatile, has fantastic dynamic range scans beautifully. Portra 400 is the film for modern film photographers.


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