Shirokuro 400 Launch a success HIT! WAS SOLD OUT but NOW BACK IN STOCK!

As you know, on Monday night we had the launch of our very own black and white film called Shirokuro 400. Thanks to Jed Rann and Maddie Hedin, two of our valued volunteers, for thinking up this great project for FilmNeverDie. We ended up selling out of all the rolls on the night as well as having international purchases made the day after. The opening was very well received, with Jed taking out best photo of the night with his “Keep Left” shot. An amazing night was had and we can’t thank everyone enough... read more here.


Catch up / Relive  the Event: Shirokuro 400 launch and one day exhibition here.

Once again, I must say many many many thanks to all our sponsors below! 



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