Simple Ace Fujifilm Single Use Camera - Night shots!

So how good is a disposable camera at night? ( pondering Gary with Jolly the dog) 

More accurately, the question should be : how good is this Fuji Simple Ace single use camera in capturing my special moments at night ?

The special moment in question is my partner birthday’s late night cake trip ! Happy birthday honey if you are reading this!

Keeping in mind this camera flash range is only 1-3m, anything further than that it is no good for, at least that is what Fujifilm said on the label. Let’s review the photos and you be the judge.




All of the scans are straight out of a Fujifilm SP500 scanners, and most of them especially the closer flash shot have the Neutral Density setting increase (2-6 stops) to compensate for the super bright flash when we are in close distant, about 1 metre.

No other colour alteration filter has been applied.


As you can see with no flash indoor at night it is definitely a no go, unless you like the dark silhouette shot, which can be quite cool at times. In day light this camera is a gun (Day time review to come). So what do you guys think this Simple Ace at night would it be an Ace for you ? 

I need to throw a cheeky one , this one below was shot by iphone: 



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