New Space Layout and Late Night Fridays

Since last update we not only installed a new film developing counter we moved our main workbench into the centre of the shop. We think there's a better feng shui so to speak of this setup, you can do payments at both the workbench area and the developing counter. Including in this upgrade are new glass cabinets (for our more premium inventory), what used to be the sofa area is now split into two: the sofas near the developing counter and the armchairs near the window.

Coffee and water is self serve to anyone who wants it! Waiting on a scanner or some film? Help yourself to some refreshments!

Beginning on the 23rd of March we now open til 9PM every Friday night. We sent out an Instagram poll and you all help us push towards this decision. A fair amount of you did come this last Friday night even before google finalised any corrections. We hope to see more of you here in the weeks to come!

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