The Fujifilm SP3000 + Membership Updates

Introducing our new SP3000 scanner, we can finally commence medium format scanning services. What this means is a slight boost in productivity for scanning overall, as previously we were bottlenecked as having only the Fujifilm SP500. Note that the 3000 will be used exclusively by our lab and not available to be used by scanning memberships. With this out of the way, expect a smoother experience of the SP500 scanning membership system.

With that we're also taking this opportunity to announce some slight changes to the membership system. We've noticed that Weekdays are far more popular than the Weekends and so we are switching the maximum amount of hours available to you, 2 Hours Maximum on a weekday and 3 hours on a Weekend. We've also noticed that some of you block out more hours than you need and showing up late to your own bookings, to combat this we are implementing a policy where if you are late within 20 minutes of your booking you potentially forfeit the next hour of your booking.

Also bear in mind as it is the end of year, we have noticed some memberships have expired. For those who need to renew, expect an email notification from us in regards to this 

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