We’re turning on a new set of lights!


For the five weeks leading up to Christmas, we have a second location on level 1 at Melbourne Central, just before the bridge link to Emporium.


We’re very happy to bring you a wide selection of colour, black & white in 35mm, 120 and polaroid film. This will also give you the ability to drop off your film for processing (we bring it back to the lab every night for processing). In the pop-up you will be  find a wide selection of your favourite point and shoot cameras, including the popular Olympus Mju I and II, as well as our own Niji 35mm reusable camera and Kodak single use cameras. And we will showcase a medium format camera for you to check out in person.


We will also be carrying Melbourne based designer : Jungles Jungles and NT based designer : House of Darwin clothing for you to come and feel the designs and try them on in person.


Last but not least, we have Hung Supply bags for sale too and also stock Super 8 films in the pop-up.

Wait, we got magazine too from the likes of Analog Forever Magazine,Canva Collective, Wanderer and Analog Iran by Ali MC.

The Kodak single use cameras and the Niji would be the perfect secret Santa or Kris Kringle gift at a conveniently located Melbourne Central location.  

If you happen to be around, come by and say Hi.

Oh! Maybe we should do an opening party here? What you say?

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