Insane Impossible Instant Lab

Nothing like a bit of alliteration to finish off your long day at work!  

We have received a number of the Impossible Projects Instant Labs and we wanna show you what it's all about!  

Do you take lots of photos on your iPhone and wish you had a way to put it onto a Polaroid photo? 

Well now you have the chance to do exactly that!  

TIP has created a bellowed device which holds your iphone at the top, and depending on what film stock you place into the lab, chooses the right shutter speed to project your photo onto the film. 

A bit confused? Okay heres the run down! 

1- Get your charging USB and plug it into the lab, if it's not charged up, it ain't gonna work! 

2- Download the Impossible Project IL app onto your iphone! This is free from the app store, and allows your phone to interact with the lab! 

3- Load the film into the lab. It's the same as a Polaroid camera, just slide the latch and slide the pack in! This can be any film of your choice, but there is also a film dedicated for use with the lab! 

4- Eject the black darkslide from the film. Every pack of film has a darkslide on top, to protect the film from light. To eject it, all you need to do is press and hold the 'Eject' button.

5- Extend the bellow tower/cradle. Grasp the cradle at it's sides, and pull up. Inside it is the lens which projects the iphone image onto your film.

6-Open the app and choose 'instant lab' from the menu. Choose a photo you want to project onto the film. 
  - 'Pinch' your screen to enlarge the image if you wish, and press the crop button
  -Select the film type loaded in the lab. The default is colour film, but plenty of other choices are available. You can also adjust the contrast, hue and gamma! 

7- After reading the final instructions on the app, place your phone face down on the cradle. Make sure you don't have the case still attached, as the cradle is designed to fit the iPhone very snugly to prevent light leaks. Once it's placed down, the process will start automatically. 

8- When the flash on your phone turns on, pull out the shutter slide all the way. 

9- After the flash turns off, push the slide back in straight away. 

10 - Press & hold the eject button. The photo will eject underneath the frog tongue, to shield it from UV light. 

11- Let it develop face down, away from direct sunlight, and allow to develop for 30-40 mins

A lot of steps as you can see, but once you do it a few times, it's a piece of cake! 

It's really quite a great way to get some of those snaps you might have in digital format, into a more physical format, when you don't have the chance to carry a camera with you. 

I thought I should probably list some Pro's & Con's as well! 

-Turn any photo on your iphone automatically into a polaroid image
-Can use the lab with any polaroid film choice
-Is quite compact and portable when folded down
-Very fast process once you get the hang of using the app
-An LED flashes red when the battery is getting low
-We are selling it for the cheap price of $200

-Can only be used with the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, not any other phones
-Is a bit chunky when fully extended

As you can see there is a lot more positives to using this device! It really is a lot of fun, and a great way to get the hang of polaroid photography! 

We are currently selling them for the cheap price of $200! Come to our shop and come have a look at what this quircky device can do! 

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