Sebastemulsion Custom 35mm Films

So some of you may have already heard about my project and some of you may have not! 

For the past 4 months I've been working like a mad scientist on a very special project for anyone who shoots 35mm film! 

I have been doing crazy things with rolls like putting them in the washing machine, making redscale, multiple exposures, film swaps for a couple of years now, and thought 'Hey, why is no-one making these sort of things to be sold to other people?'


You may be thinking 'Sure we have Lomography & Revolog so who cares?'

Well Lomography get bulk film and re-brand it for themselves, so that's not much use. 

And Revolog have said themselves:
'We don’t work with chemicals or the classic "film soup“, where you put your exposed film in the dishwasher, etc. We don’t want a lab to go berserk on us for destroying their developing chemicals'

Well this is where I come in, to give you those 'film soups', as well as other choices! (Trust me when I say, it won't ruin developing chemicals at the lab, all my chemically altered films are washed and dried to perfection!) 

So I'm very proud to present my range of custom 35mm films, Sebastemulsion! 


It started off talking with a few mates about making Redscale to be sold in the shop! And I started thinking, 'Surely there is more exciting things I can make than just that!'.  

So I began writing down a heap of ideas of different ways I can customize rolls of film! I sat down with Gary (Who has very generously helped with covering the cost of making the first batch!) and we decided on 4 different types of film I can start testing and making! 

From that list came: 
-Dishwasher film
-Bokeh City Lights
-Oak Branches/Clouds

I gathered my film stock, bought some reusable canisters, organised making some labels and started beavering away! 

I dropped instagram hints on my personal account to get people questioning what all this was about! 


Dimity Bascara was able to do an excellent job of designing some beautiful labels for my films; Even though I screwed up my calculations a half dozen times! (I can do integral calculus, but I can't subtract some numbers? Our education system hey...)


During the design process, I came up with some names & prices for the film I was gonna make:

Redscale = Radscale 25-200 at $12 per roll
Bokeh City Lights = Bokashi 400 at $14 per roll
Oak Branches/Clouds = Quercus Cumulus 400 at $14 per roll

Dishwasher film = Surfactant 200 at $16 per roll

(The numbers refer to the ISO to shoot the film at)

When I was starting the process of making Quercus Cumulus, I realised it was gonna be way more work to wait for the perfect weather to shoot clouds AS WELL AS OAK BRANCHES! So I decided to just do a roll with oak branches! Henceforth known as just Quercus! 

After testing maybe 4-5 rolls of this film (Including realizing I screwed up my calculations once again and starting over!) I discovered that the results were either: 
A) - Not showing up at all
B) - Only appearing in some frames

So I was forced to discontinue the film, as I want all the film to be quality, repeatable results! ( far as random goes haha). The few frames that did work looked really freaking awesome, but unfortunately I had already spent so much time mucking around with it, to get shite results, it just wasn't worth the effort! 

BUT! I still have one roll left of it, so the first person to purchase 3+ rolls in the first sale will get it thrown in for free! (Results aren't guaranteed, and you will be better off shooting around 800 iso)

After making a handful of test rolls, I discovered the re-usable canisters weren't designed to take 36 exp film. So to keep costs down, I realised I have an untapped resource of old empty film canisters down the road at Hillvale Photo Lab! I went down one morning and grabbed a huge ass bag full of them and was on my way! 

After doing my test rolls I saw all of my other chosen films were coming out A-OK! So I was very excited, and then went on to create the full quantity needed for my first sale! (It was meant to be 30 total, but due to a stock supplier issue it was reduced to 27....but that's still 9 x each type of film!)  

Bokashi 400

Surfactant 200

Radscale 25-200

During the whole process of creation (Calm down Ken Ham...), I was scripting/shooting a video about the whole project! I did my best to write in some jokes and some of my (sub-par) acting skills, and was pretty happy with how it turned out in the end! 

So this Thursday the 4th of September at 5:30pm, the first sale of my film shall go live on the website for everyone to get a chance to shoot some different kinds of photos! 

After this first sale, I will be expanding my stock range to include different kinds of chemically altered, specialist and multiple exposure films! And an even more exciting thing? It's not going to be limited to just colour negative! I shall be having black & white, slide, redscale & maybe even slide redscale options! I hope in 6 months time there will be a HHUUUUUGGGEEEE choice of films for customers to choose from! 

I also have a MYSTERY ROLL to give away! When shooting the bokashi film, I got confused by one roll with a Q on it, implying it must have been a Quercus roll. I thought this was odd, considering it wasn't meant to be in my bag of Bokashi rolls. So just figured I must have re-used a canister, and then shot city lights over it. When I got to the shop to finalise the quantities of each film, this mystery roll meant the Bokashi rolls had 1 extra! So I think it may now be a Quercus/Bokashi roll in one! 
So it is now known as the WTF roll! One lucky customer at random, will receive this film in their order! 

To stay in the loop with all the goings on follow these accounts:
-Instagram #/@ sebastemulsion
-Contact me on +61490 365 745

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