Kodak BW400CN Discontinuation - A sad day for all film shooters

Ahh shittt! Another much beloved film from kodak has now been discontinued! 

The classic choice for wedding & portrait photographers was the Kodak BW400CN, a C-41 process B&W film! Renowned for its fine grain, excellent contrast and clarity! So it's a shame that it will no longer be made. 

Kodak blamed a 'steady decline in sales and customer usage'. It certainly doesn't have the history behind such as the Tri-x/pan films, but it was still world class amongst chromogenic BW films. I guess with XP2 by Ilford on the market too, it certainly caused some divide amongst the film photography community. 

Kodak does say that the film will still be around for another six months or so, as its latest production runs makes its way to shelves and into consumers’ hands, but once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. 

So at least we will still have the chance to grab as many rolls as possible! 

I personally have shot this film quite a lot and always gotten fantastic results. So it's a definite recommendation to get your hands on some and shoot while you can!
We are currently stocking the film ourselves in the shop for $15 per roll or $44.50 for 3! 

Kodak BW400CN on Lomo LC-Wide; Full frame photos, half frame gearing

As said before, the other choice has always been the XP2 from Ilford!
Luckily they have said, they have no plans on halting production of this film. I guess now it's the only choice available, it would be a dick move to cease it! I've also used this film and still gotten fantastic results from it! 

Ilford XP2 on Lomo LC-Wide

One difference I did notice between the two films though, was that sometimes BW400CN when scanned at the lab, would come out a tad sepia/blue toned. But you can still easily adjust that in Lightroom or Photoshop, so it's true BW again. But personal choice really. 

Kodak BW400CN on Lomo LC-Wide

We are also stocking the XP2 for $12 per roll at the shop! So it's a toss up between getting the BW400CN for a slightly higher price, to guarantee your last chance to use it. Or buy XP2 at a cheaper price, and still get great results.  

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