TIP Poisoned Paradise Colour 600 Film + New 600 BW Film

This year has been fantastic for TIP releasing fantastic framed colour 600 film! 

And their newest release is the poisoned paradise film! 


Your beautiful colour picture framed by pretty flowers and poisonous snakes! 

They have released 3 different choices! 

Fuchsia!                                         Hibiscus!                                         Frangipani!

We are selling them for $28 per pack or $83 for one pack of each! 

TIP have also just released the new BW testfilm, which requires minimal shielding from UV light! 

As we all know, BW film is HORRIBLE when it comes to trying to shield it! One little photon of UV light and the whole picture is up shit creek! 

So it's fantastic to see the film improved by leaps and bounds! The contrast is phenomenal from the pack, deep blacks to bright whites!  

We decided to get a little retro for our fathers day video, and took some fun photos trying to look like our dad's in the 70's! 

Janet                                           Genevieve from Hillvale

Sebastian                                  Gary

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